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Ways to Ensure Your Baby Sleeps Longer.

Mothers rarely find sleep because of their newborn babies constant cries at night in need for attention. It is tiring for mothers to keep on waking up at night to put the baby to sleep especially the ones who have go to work the following day. What mothers need to know is that the baby’s sleep differ from adult sleep especially when they are below twelve months. Waking up at night is in newborns is influenced by the fact that they have not yet known the difference between day and night. Lack of sleep in babies can be brought by aspects such as lack of comfort, hunger or tiredness.

Using a comfortable diaper is the first step in giving your baby a longer sleep. You can solve the problem of your baby waking up at night by buying them the best baby diaper. The time before a night time feeding is the best time to change your baby’s diaper. A diaper rash could also be the reason for your baby’s lack of sleep. Diaper rash creams can work in preventing diaper rush or healing of diaper rash in babies.

You can also keep your baby asleep for long by giving them comfort. You can help the baby identify the crib with sleep by associating it with sleep. The best baby mattress for a baby crib should have a firm mattress to prevent sudden infant death syndrome which is common in infants who sleep on soft surfaces such as sofas. Comfortable and more preferable cotton are the best for a new born because they keep them warm at night.

A bedtime bath is also important to help the baby remove tiredness and keep the baby relaxed. After a night bath, it is important to put the baby on the crib immediately to help them associate the bath with sleep. It is not advisable to have haste when you hear that the baby has woken up to enable them to learn to go back to sleep by themselves. When they take long without going back to sleep, you can quietly guide them to sleep without picking them up. The best way to get them back to sleep at this time is by singing a white song for them to make them understand that the time for bed is not yet over.

Enabling the newborn to identify the bedroom with sleep is also very important. When baby find that they find themselves in the bedroom every time they wake up ,They associate the bedroom with sleep. To avoid confusing your baby, you should avoid any playing activities in the bedroom and remove any form of distraction such as toys from the room. Keeping the conditions of the bedroom such as lighting constant also enables the baby to familiarize itself with the room.

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